I had the delight of photographing Perry and Michelle’s wedding at a divine winery in Scotts Valley. The Vine Hill winery was an ideal location for it overlooked the valley and came complete with a garden and vineyard, perfect recipe for a good shoot. A small and simple wedding for a very intimate couple. An interesting story was told to me that day that involved a pooh bear. At one point Perry and Michelle had a long distance relationship due to out of state schools. While they were away they had sent a pooh bear back and forth so that by the time each of them would received it, it would contain a scent and a letter from the last person who had the bear. On this special day the pooh bear was delivered to Michelle’s room with a stunning new pearl necklace… she could hardly hold the tears back.

Here is a few that I want to share with you…

9 Months With Katie

June 24, 2010

If you’ve ever been pregnant you remember what it feels like to be on the ninth month. Uncomfortable, agitable, swollen and unable to do simple tasks like tying your own shoe laces. So while I was working with Katie I asked how far along she was, I was shocked to find that she was on her last month! ..wow I wished I looked like her when I was that pregnant. Come to find out she is an instructor for pilates and was soon to start her maternity leave.

To achieve a good shoot, personally I think it’s all about attitude. With a likable personality like Katie’s it’s easy to get the shots I crave for. The overall look that I was aiming towards was to achieve a natural look that would emphasize on her femininity. With a large window and the soft light that was coming through I chose to stick to the simplest principles because, frankly, I didn’t want to fuss with any additional equipment and just concentrate more on her composure and catch little things like her laughing. This particular session I mostly worked with Black and White film and chose to develop it at home with my own recipe.

When Ian from Art By Exposure asked me to come along and help out for a wedding at the Marin Headlands in Sausalito with a whole bunch of firemen I was more than ecstatic to go. I had met the bride before and I knew she was very laid back, that and her wedding wasn’t going to be under the tension of tradition. With weddings like this I get to let loose my experimental tendencies and focus on people’s emotions and behaviors. Weddings are full of them, emotions that is, the nervousness beforehand, to that look the bride has when she sees her fiancé across the room for the first time that day. This distinct wedding I don’t think the bride ever stopped smiling and you could see that these two were very much in love. The venue was an old military building that was renovated to an art center, rich of textures and pastel colors which I adore. If you are in the area check out Headlands Center For The Arts.

A Date in Sausalito

June 24, 2010

With San Francisco you can never guess how the weather will be like but what you can count on is tons of tourists and traffic. For this exact reason, and lighting, is why we decided to do a morning photo shoot at an old military base. The fog was heavy but it worked in our favor. Taking out distracting backgrounds it worked as a backdrop and diffused the sun giving me a nice even lighting.

Maritza Rae is a referral from her sister that I did a family session not too long ago. Like her sister Tisha Rae, she is very active and is an avid runner. Her and her fiancé had actually known each other years ago but never had any interest towards each other, then remarkably reconnected through school and since have been inseparable. Fate has a funny way of working sometimes. Luckily the fort we shot at was empty and I had them all to myself!! Here are a few that I’d like to share..

I’m A Big Boy Now

May 21, 2010

A few weeks back I had the privilage to document Nathaniel’s 3rd birthday party in Santa Clara. I had been there for his birthday last year and it’s amazing to see how much he’d grown physically and mentally over the year. His theme was ‘Cars’ from Pixar, to the outfit he was wearing, to the cake and his piñata he was totally into it.  Here’s a few pictures I’d like to share.

You just got to let them go is my motto! How else do you get kids to cooperate in taking pictures and have fun at the same time. Parks give the sense of playfulness and a carefree environment to ease any camera shy person into a more comfortable mood. Not to mention the workout I gave these guys, from walking around the park, to climbing stairs and even a short sprint! How could I go wrong with a family like that.

Talking about being active, for someone who had a kid not too long ago this mom looks absolutely stunning! She even plays rugby, now that’s a sport that you don’t hear about too often from the ladies. I love it and it definitely inspires me to do more with my active life.

Tisha Rae and Marc, you guys are incredible and it’s people like you that makes me love what I do!

I had too much fun two weeks ago documenting a birthday bash for Victor at the Four Points Hotel in San Jose. This intimate event couldn’t have been better put together than from JR, the sales coordinator and the go to guy if you want anything done right! Personally I am a sucker for details, it’s those little things that can really make something feel special… like note pads for friends to write a little something on your day. It may not seem much but it makes for great laughs or tears when you look back down the line at the little thoughts your friends left behind.

Working with Victor was easy, for his great sense of humor and personality shone through in every picture. There wasn’t a room that he didn’t go into that people wouldn’t be affected by his aura. But hey don’t just take it from me check out the pics below on how the day unraveled.

With these shots my goal was to use as much natural light as it would allow me.

I am very thankful for all the work I received in 2009, it was fun, challenging and I made some new friends along the way. I love New Years, it’s a time for me to rethink on new creative ideas and learn from the mistakes that I made over the year. I feel enthusiastic for what is to come and eager to start up some new projects.

Below are a few recaps on some portraits from last year. More will be posted soon, enjoy and Happy New Year!

A Year With Destiny

January 3, 2010

During the holidays while I was filing away some photos over the year I came across some of my daughter Destiny. Some of these were taken at venues I needed to do a photo session with a client and there’s one of us together at our local Starbucks. At times she’ll bring along her own camera so she’s not left out.

If your little one has taken a real interest in photography I recommend using a camera that is virtually child proof. The one that Destiny is holding is an Olympus 850SW which is shock proof so that if a child accidently drops it you don’t have to worry about it breaking apart. The best part is that it’s waterproof and can be taken in a pool or in the snow and rain.

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